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Wise Messenger

We all want to succeed – not fail – and it is sometimes this fear that drives poor decision making or inaction. You can set your employees up for success, not failure with challenge and not overwhelm. Provide them with the tools and guidance to meet and exceed high standards. Inspire them to identify and embrace their strengths and motivations. Show them and recognise them for how your organization has benefited from their efforts, and how this in turn benefits them. Determine what drives your people, then incorporate that into their daily tasks.

Your role is as a wise messenger and an accountability holder for the company values & expectations.   Communicate your expectations productively, clearly and often.

If these standards are not being met, work directly with them to find ways to get back on track. Don’t lower your standards. Instead, partner with your people and brainstorm ways forward from a neutral perspective. Enlist their input to identify blocking or opposing concerns, focus attention on possible solutions and strive to meet and exceed expectations. In doing so, never lose sight of individual characteristics and the freedom that comes from having an opportunity to participate.


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