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We connect you with 2020 - to navigate success with clarity and purpose.

With what seems to be a never-ending increase in daily demands and a global industry that has regular upheaval, 8/10 travel professionals live in a continuous state of chaos where they live in hope of things being better tomorrow.

We deliver training that aims to create change – to help people succeed in their role with a clear mind, purpose, and plenty of energy.  Our aim is for people to move away from a place of busyness where they are convinced that all will be  “normal and manageable” if they keep problem solving, delivering results and pulling people along.  To awaken to the notion that with a conscious and ongoing commitment to personal growth and learning they can excel in their role with calm confidence and an abundant sense of time and space.

Everyone in any organisation should be involved;

  •  New people with no experience
  •  New people with loads of experience
  •  Business Development and Customer Relationship teams
  •  Product, Marketing, Contracting and Finances
  •  Consultants and Call Centre teams
  •  Leaders of teams
  •  and most of all …… Senior Leaders and Executives