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Transparent Leadership

The need for leaders to communicate with transparency is at an all-time high as people try and search for clarity and personalise a myriad of messages. People have grown tired of receiving info that is drip-fed or filtered and want to be part of a team culture that puts a premium on delivering the truth. Only when people hear the truth can they gain perspective and make decisions. From a leader’s position, truth-telling takes a mixture of courage and vulnerability. Well done to all the leaders who are transforming in front of our eyes. Thank you. Please don’t stop – take this opportunity to connect with what needs to happen next. Leadership now is beyond the intellect gathered by reading books & learning from others – it is about gaining clarity of mind and a higher state of consciousness that only you can cultivate. Ramping up a spiritual practice will be necessary to make this leap and deliver on this decades leadership prerequisite of authenticity, vulnerability, compassion & transparency.

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