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The Collapse of Auto Pilot Leadership

One positive of the world coming to a rapid halt is that leaders will have the opportunity to reflect and reshape the way they are leading. Normally it is strong ambitions, restricted budgets or a relentless focus on lofty goals that provide leaders with the perfect excuse to invest in token initiatives of self-improvement. Now with auto-pilot leadership not an option and employees looking for leaders for clarity, decisiveness and guidance there is little or no choice available for leaders if they want to weather this storm. In the next few months we will no doubt see the collapse of some businesses where the leaders are unable or unprepared to shift out of their auto-pilot mode, raise their self-awareness and embrace what it looks like to be a 2020 leader. Some leaders are well on their way to embracing and adapting to a new paradigm of leadership which has been slowly shaping itself over the last decade. Others who have been busy chasing targets and putting out fires might now be able to stop, listen, and begin to undo some cultural conditioning and subconscious self-sabotage programming that if left underdeveloped, will negatively influence their growth and progression.

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