For a Critical Mass to become

Level 3 Conscious or above

It is a time honoured truth that an organisations potential is directly correlated to its leaders capabilities.  We also know that no single leader, or small group of leaders, will have the speed, agility, creativity or insight to navigate the complexities of our time.

We need a critical mass of people who escape the old paradigms of doing business and step swiftly into an elevated mindset and upgraded business practices.

Our purpose is that global businesses place “the level of consciousness” of all of their people at the core of their culture and do the important work to uplevel themselves first.  Only when leaders have a certain level of consciousness themselves do they have the capability and capacity to cultivate the environment for conscious teams to emerge.

Why Business and its People need a Revolution

We must continue to respect efficiency and profit but our paradigm around what it takes to be successful must shift. 

Businesses are essentially dynamic energy systems that can no longer operate with the simplistic view that humans are here to maximise their personal economic gain and that businesses are profit maximisers.

Business as Usual will not work anymore

This is a Global Wake Up Call

Unconscious businesses and people can not meet the challenges of our times. Both need an upgrade.

SPEED – Always swept up in the chaos, chasing their tails in the whirlwind of day to day business

UNCERTAINTY – Highly reactive, lacking resilience and inflexible in their attitude

COMPLEXITY – Inability to access, decipher or make clear decisions with the ever increasing amount of information

POLARITY THINKING –  Stuck in yes-no, right-wrong thinking and defensive when questioned

and living from a place of blame, shame, judgment or guilt.  

FEAR – Unconscious behaviour that includes manipulative communication, emotional incompetence and ego.

transforming the future of business

There have been significant changes to our business environment that call for a rethink of the existing mindsets, language, strategy, actions and behaviours’ surrounding the way we do business & lead.   

At our core we are driven by the pivotal importance to build versatile organisations that have high levels of resiliency.  We teach how to live and lead in a world that is non-linear, highly complex and at times chaotic. The lessons themselves are constantly evolving and focus on how to increase potential, reduce fear, build a sense of interconnectedness, cultivate commitment and develop ourselves to our fullest potential.

The Conscious Leader Cards

52 beautifully illustrated messages to inspire and guide you everyday