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Our aim is to be a group of people who see what is missing, not from a perspective of lack, but of opportunity.  We then actively follow the insights to create inspiring training content that shifts our learners to greater awareness, alignment, productivity, efficiency and engagement.
Cassi Tormey



Cassi is a founder and director at Cornerstone. When you meet her, she has an infectious enthusiasm and you know that she is on your side. She embodies the values of honesty, openness, service and compassion as she writes and delivers our programs. An educator  to the core, she will help you see new perspectives and ride your wave of transition/growth with joy and victory.

Rachael Seymour


Rachael is a founder and director at Cornerstone. She is a leader who is not afraid to step forward, reaching to the future and teaching people new ways. For her, it is about growth from diverse perspectives and wisdom that is shared. This stems from a strong sense of self, the desire to uplift others and a commitment to always remain teachable.

Tanya Serrano


Operations Leader

Tanya is our operations manager and GPS who navigates us forward and leads our team with a balanced, neutral mind. She acts with true neutrality in the face of today’s modern challenges. Her breadth and depth of experience shines through in her planning, decision making and collaboration with others.

Carla Vasallo

NSW Learning and Development Specialist

Carla has an innate ability to inspire and motivate people towards improved action. She has an innovative, collaborative mindset that is globally focused and culturally attuned. Her delivery is future-focused and encourages professional growth and wisdom for long-term viability and sustainability.

Jo Brennan


Victorian Learning and Development Specialist

Jo is currently on maternity leave.

Jo is our all rounder who holds herself accountable to a high standard of customer service, training and assessing. She is an independent thinker who has an innate ability to recognise what needs to be done and makes it happen. She works with an integrity that permeates every aspect of her job, from how she liaises with students to how she treats her co-workers.

Susie Smythe


Enrolment Support

Susie is a cultivator of laughs and has a strong sense of humor to help us keep things in perspective. She is one of the initial contact points with our business. Working collaboratively with each prospective student, she facilitates a smooth application and enrolment process, collecting all the required documentation. A solution-oriented team player, she is always ready for any questions or support around enrolment.

Tully Reynolds


Victorian Learning and Development Specialist

There is something innately beautiful about Tully and we are yet to meet anyone that is not naturally attracted to her presence. Her internal qualities shine through in every task that she takes on. She has a dual role.  First and foremost she is an awesome teacher of people and works closely with our students to help them become better than they were yesterday.  She also is a superstar systems manager which means she primarily responsible for our online learning platform being an engaging and user-friendly space for students.

Afi Yze

All things finance

Afi lives with an attitude of gratitude and we are thankful to have her in a finance role within our team. She acts with courage, integrity and grace and constantly finds the perfect balance between the needs of the business, clients and suppliers. Her client-focused approach means she is accessible and approachable whenever needed.