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Our open calendar of training aims to meet the needs of our clients who are located across the country – we now have trainers located in Victoria, New South Wales and Western Australia.

Our training services include short sharp webinars, half day & full day courses and our signature programs that are 8 days spread over an 8 months period.

In addition to this we offer coaching & mentoring services as well as conference workshops and key note presentations.

We have 4 signature programs designed for the 2020 travel , tourism and hospitality professional.

The Career Take Off Program is for brand new people to the industry with little to no experience.

The Consultant Success Program  is for everyone who is customer facing or selling to travel agents in retail, corporate, wholesale and inbound.   Distribution channel shake ups, shifting customer expectations and technology has sped up and redefined what it means to be a travel consultant.  Our content is dynamic – never repeated – and vital to remaining confident, competent and relevant.  This program is the pre-requisite for those selling travel today ad particularly important to those who have been in their role for a while.  Times have changed.

The Business Results Program is for every travel, tourism & hospitality professional except consultants and leaders.  The reason and purpose for this program is simple – to prepare people for the next decade.  We are all under audit all the time and it is getting harder to deliver results without running yourself into the ground and even then old strategies are out dated and ineffective.  We need the capacity to assess our actions and their consequences before we take them.  To elevate our state of awareness, deal with widespread and constant pressure, negotiate better deals, take balanced actions and make decisions on a vast, shifting array of problems.

Quantum Leadership program is the gateway to the next era.  As a leader in 2020, we appreciate that our load will not get any lighter and this program is an opportunity to learn the new paradigm of leadership.  One which helps people tap into their own capacity to deliver daily as well as cope with grace & dignity the increased demands and complexity of leading people and business strategy.

Quantum Leadership program for senior leaders and executives .  This is an invitation only program.   Leading now is dominated by global networks, collaboration and unprecedented access to information.  We no longer operate in a vertical, with up and down structure of hierarchies, we have re-calibrated into in a horizontal network, opening the worlds distribution and inviting transparency.  We are seen for who we are, and we must show up as our authentic selves.  This is a new and transformative take on leadership. Energy and effort is required to look inward rather than outward for the answers – it is a matter of raising your self awareness and consciousness so that when tackling the big issues you can be nimble (ready to change course in an instant), and have control over your nervous system .  This program is one of discovery, and figuring out through experience, how to move forward successfully with your reputation strong, not tarnished by an overworked mind and fight or flight reactions.

Everything is faster and we have less time.

Complexity is increasing as is our need to deal with it.

Our short courses are designed to build awareness and help people do something with a constant influx of information. 

Constant peak performance and stamina are the common benchmarks to evaluate all people and their work, and this is getting difficult to sustain.  We recognise people need education in this information-revolution as well as education in wisdom, self-control, intuition and the use of the neutral mind.

Taking time out of a busy work day for training can be tricky so we prepare short, sharp webinars that you can do from your desk.

This is not product training, your suppliers are awesome at this, rather it is relevant bite size introductions into topics of relevance in sales, service, productivity and leadership.

We recognise that conferences are a crucial part of the company calendar – to give back to the people, recognise top performers and inspire engagement for the coming year. It is a tricky and costly cocktail to mix.

If we are given the opportunity to present at your conference we do not take it lightly.  We value the importance of getting it right – creating a memorable experience with a powerful message that sticks.

Given our commitment to travel, tourism and hospitality we can confidently say that we are experts in what is happening right now and how your people can connect with what needs to happen.  This is forever shifting which means no conference presentation will ever be the same – new stats, new data and new strategies for success.

Every year, we prepare a few short three hour workshops and 60 minute key notes to address what is happening in the industry, how to best prepare and what action to take.  If you are keen to learn about this years focus please email rachael@cornerstoneps.com.au

At Cornerstone, when people engage our services as a coach, we consider it a privilege to help them navigate their path.  Even if it is not in a formal, paid capacity, we see ourselves as coaches and mentors to all we encounter.

We recognize that it is not our journey, and for some, it is beneficial to engage some expert support, guidance, or external motivation to progress and move forward.   It is somewhat overwhelming and confusing to tackle the daily challenges and changing marketplace and we happily workshop, share ideas and challenge people to step into a better version of themselves.

We certainly can’t fix everything or make situations disappear, but in partnership we explore how current best practice works and consider the real possibility of new paradigms.

Only you will know when you should start – and then the time will be right.

We are a registered training organisation (#45250) who has carefully curated the curriculum to facilitate pathways to, and through, formal qualifications.  We proudly offer three nationally accredited qualifications that meet the requirements of the Australian Quality Framework.


Our mission is to bring inspiration and knowledge to travel and tourism professionals worldwide.

We work with industry so that the programs we develop are created and continuously updated with a strong focus on developing the business skills, management practices and sales skills that will work (and benefit the consumer) in the ‘real world’ of promoting and selling travel and tourism.

Our aim in offering these qualifications is to accommodate the diversity of purposes of Australian education now and into the future.   It is a way that we can support individuals’ learning goals by offering a formal progression through structured education and gain recognition for their prior learning and experiences where appropriate