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Relief for 2020 Leaders

As we move into the next decade, we are seeing a worldwide shift away from top down leadership towards a stronger, more confident collective representing opportunity and presence.

As a leader in 2020, it will be a relief to know that your title no longer brings with it the need to execute your power and authority to be deemed important. Your importance is generated through who you are and by showing up as your authentic self.

When facilitating and communicating with a team (group meeting) or and individual (one on one meeting) your role is not to tell or sell but to truly engage with the person in front of you. You may be superior to them in the hierarchical sense of your business, but you are not superior to them as a person.

The purpose of a one on one encounter is to share knowledge, generate ideas and to check your blind spots. It is an opportunity to discuss, workshop and ultimately formulate action.

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