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Collaboration is the new black

You may have noticed in your own life that the old ways of doing things are no longer producing the same results.

Attempting to do everything on your own only brings frustration and blocks at every turn. We get tired, feel stressed and may even be effected by illness.

The 2020 reality is that collaboration is key. Success in the future will not be measured by the individual contribution and how hard one works but rather ones ability to help/serve others to manifest their dreams of happiness and success. It may seem counter-intuitive but it works.

An inspired workforce is one where there individual needs are being met yet they feel part of something bigger than themselves.

The focus is not on your identity and existence, and likewise it is also not 100% on the other person. The focus is on something greater than the two of you – the energy that creates the momentum to bigger, brighter and better things. This helps us get beyond the limits of the ego and help us reach an excellent functional level.

This state can be reached by tapping into each person as the unique individual that they are. Your conversations will be active and engage their participation. Essentially, you are unleashing the energy that is within each one of them and satisfying their innate desire to belong. Offering their valid contribution is part of this.

For every new person you employ we encourage you to set them up for success. Our mission is to share insights and teachings about how to succeed in travel and tourism today so that your workforce is full of self aware people who aren’t on the hamster wheel, are not driven by their own ego and are happily contributing to the business objectives.


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