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Conscious Club One – Speaking your Truth

Bringing your authentic self and speaking your truth is a masterful skill that takes practice.  It is not about simply speaking your mind or giving your opinion, it is much more than that.   It requires communication with a certain level of vulnerability and a mindfulness not to withhold.

Unconsciously, we often “withhold” when we are communicating with others – about our feelings, emotions, or thoughts.  It becomes so habitual that it feels normal to share half-truths and direct conversations to meet our own needs or agenda.  Why do we do this?  We consistently justify that sharing honestly is not worth it.  We believe our own interpretation of reality that it will not make a difference anyway, or the other person will not understand (or care), or even that you don’t want to bother them or upset them.  For whatever reason, this behaviour becomes our normal state and we walk around choosing when to fully engage and trying to “manage” every situation.

When we do this ourselves, we think we have people fooled.  The opposite however seems to be true when we see others doing it, we sense they are holding back or are driving another agenda which makes us see straight through their inauthenticity, know that they are withholding and consequently question their validity.

What if we had a world where we truly understood each other, and we felt safe to share.  What a wonderful world that would be.

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