About Us

We are here to inspire & educate organisations and people who share our vision to raise the collective conciousness.

Cornerstone has a proud 15 year history

We are a learning and development company who deliver online and face to face corporate training.  We share wisdom and create an experience that challenges traditional leadership paradigms and opens people up to new and expanded ways of thinking.

Our priority is to raise the awareness of each learner and build their capacity to meet the complexities of doing business in 2022. 

Today's business world is too complex and fast paced to go about it unconsciously. A paradigm shift towards more conscious business' means collaboration, transparency & openness will replace command and control structures.

from the directors

We are ordinary people leading an extraordinary movement. 

We exist to help people understand, make sense and experience a higher level of conscious business and leadership.  To teach individuals about effectiveness, self inquiry and the urgent need to break unhealthy habits. To teach business leaders how to lead with purpose, engage  with stakeholders and explore new paradigms of success.  

We know that growth and development are generally irregular and non-linear.  We also observe that improvement in both individuals and a collective can take place either slowly or suddenly.  2020/21 showed us that people are either regressing or progressing at great speed.

In this time of uncertainty and unforeseen influences we want organisations and their people to experience an accelerated transformation.  To build resilience, create cultures of collaboration & innovation and deliver on a purpose beyond profit.

We provide context, value and meaning for people to explore and facilitate a movement in their own businesses through greater leadership awareness and regulation.

As we advance we will unveil greater insight and wisdom.  Only on reflection will we appreciate the magnitude of our work.  

Together but individually we will re-mould to stop looking externally for the answers and tap into our inner resources.


Rachael & Cassi

Transformation Ahead
We will leave behind:

registered training organisation

We are proud to be a registered training organisation in Australia (RTO45250) delivering qualifications in leadership and travel. 

BSB40520Certificate IV in Leadership and Management 
SIT4011Certificate IV in Travel and Tourism 
SIT50116   Diploma of Travel and Tourism Management 

The Conscious Leader Cards

52 beautifully illustrated messages to inspire and guide you everyday