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Experts in how to thrive in 2020

We are a team of curious and creative people who design and deliver training content that encourages momentum to become a present and future pioneer.

We want everyone to feel less burned out and frazzled.  We are here to help people wake up.  Waking up is necessary in 2020.  Old ways are no longer working.

We help organisations reduce their staff turnover, improve employee engagement and cultivate functional teams.

We do not embrace a “fixing” things paradigm, instead we present a new and meaningful paradigm that enhances and enriches everyone who embraces it.

Our learners are intelligent people who have abundant access to information.  Our role is to help them turn this knowledge & intellect into wisdom.  With wisdom, people naturally take responsibility for their own journey and evolve into the best and the brightest version of themselves.

We love being open, curious, and committed to learning – always growing our awareness and knowing.

We love to take responsibility for the energy frequency we bring to the classroom. A happy, free and safe space to thrive.

We love to watch people transform. Gone are the days of “that’s just who I am” and “that’s just the way it is”.  How boring and backward.  Bring on a life full of magnificence where people build on their unique qualities and talents so that they can excel on all levels.

We are not “know it all’s”.   We walk this road with you and spend time to understand and appreciate peoples uniqueness and different perspectives.

We are not egomaniacs.  Our success is measured by how many people we help manifest their betterment.  Our success is tied to the success of others.

We are not crazy busy and overworked. Workaholism is just another addiction, and it is an epidemic in the corporate world.  We have daily practises to survive and thrive and lead others to find theirs.