upgrading to meet the realities of our time

We educate, guide and support people to improve their human experience. To step into an upgraded reality with increased knowledge, awareness and a growing sense of fulfilment.

We share wisdom and create experiences to uplevel your mental, physical, spiritual and emotional intellect.  To strengthen your capability to show up in this world as you envision. 

This is a community of of life long learners

Learning & Development

Thought leaders & Teachers of
Conscious Business and Leadership

Increasing our capacity to show up as our authentic self in life and in business

We have never experienced this magnitude of change.  

Organisations are surfing on the edge of chaos.

We live in a new business landscape that requires a new mindset, upgraded skills and a critical mass of conscious people. 

As market changes  become more rapid and unforseen circumstances require quick adaption the need for businesses and teams to be resilient, creative & collaborative is growing.

The world needs businesses with a critical mass of people who are more conscious who can adapt by taking a path guided by purpose and grounded in values, integrity, compassion and continuous improvement. 

Engaged employees who feel passionate about their work create innovative cultures but can be held back by outdated management practices. Managers need to create the conditions for unleashing the power of human passion, wisdom and ingenuity.

Vlatka Hlupic

Start with understanding the Levels of Consciousness in
both business and leadership

Our path to success in 2021 is a journey of choice and commitment.
Many people will choose to remain exactly as they are ............. and that is okay.

At Cornerstone we work with people and businesses who recognise the value and need for evolution.
Our purpose is for a critical mass in every business to be Level 3 and above.

Kind Words from Clients