Cornerstone has different types of resources available for purchase or licencing.  We have tips, tricks and tools that are designed to support those working in the travel and tourism industry and we have learning resources available for registered training providers looking for accredited industry specific learning content and assessments.  Access the newly  endorsed SIT training package resources here.

Vocational education and Training Resources

Assessments tools for the Certificate III in Travel  (SIT30216) Certificate IV in Travel and Tourism (SIT40116) and Diploma of Travel and Tourism Management (SIT50116)

Learning Resources

E-Books and E- Learning licencing available for the newly endorsed Diploma of Travel and Tourism (SIT50116)


Industry Tools

5 Free Marketing Ideas
Take a look at our '5 Free Marketing Ideas' and get your marketing started!
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8 Reasons to use a Travel Agent
Sometimes customers need reminding of the reasons for using a Travel here are eight of the best!
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Free Marketing guide for a Franchise business
Being a part of a national franchise group still gives you lots of freedom to market your business.
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Freedom Framework Meeting Series
You want to give your workers enough latitude to do their jobs in the way they find most effective but, at the same time, you need to have enough structure in place to create accountability and ensure results. With The Freedom Framework, you can achieve key expectations as well as empower employees through 5 powerful team meetings that help everyone find the necessary balance in their work environment.
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KPI Analysis Tools for Teams and Individuals
Accountability is incredibly important to travel sales success - that's why these KPI Analysis Tools can be vital to keeping agents on track and on target. Specially created spreadsheets allow consultants to see the hard numbers that result from their sales efforts - and to identify specific strengths and weaknesses both individually and as a team.
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New Enquiry pad
What to do when a new customer approaches you? Pick up your New Enquiry pad and start asking questions based on the prompts we supply. It's that easy to get yourself on the way to Travel Sales Success!
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Personal Goal Setting Pack
In an effort to achieve more in life it is a great idea to have a personal goal planning session of your own. Learn about how to goal set and take yourself through a simple process to set you up for success.
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Retail Sales Process Pack
If you feel trapped in stale sales habits - or just limited by your existing skills - this innovative sales pack may be just what the doctor ordered to lift you to a whole new level. Become one of the top 20% that make 80% of the sales - with any of these travel specific sales tools.
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Social Media for Travel Agents
So many Social Media sites - so little time! How can you properly identify and leverage the ones best suited to accomplish your sales and marketing goals? Social Media Strategies for Travel Teams helps you sort out how Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and all the rest can best serve your specific sales goals!
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Travel and Tourism Learning Resources
Diploma of Travel & Tourism (SIT50116) SIT16 package learning resources and assessment information guide
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Did you know? We can now provide you with the opportunity to gain Govt funded, industry recognised qualifications.