A customer focused strategy for travel businesses

The travel companies that successfully analyse customer touchpoints across multiple platforms are acting with clear intent about how to improve the customer experience and consequently increase conversion.

To successfully convert prospects into buyers you must fully engage and appreciate the purchasing process through the customers eyes. 

If you haven't already it is time to create a customer journey map!  A vivid and structured visualisation of your customers user's experience.

The first step is to articulate the touchpoints and be sure to include every interaction from the time the customer first meets your brand to well after the sale.  The culmination of touchpoints will tell a story based upon their experience - it details their service interactions and accompanying emotions in a highly accessible manner.

The next few steps require your honest feedback and analysis of how your business performs at each of your identified touch points.  From the perspective of the customer ask yourself the following questions. This will help you to build the story and then ultimately give yourself a rating on how successful you are;

What emotions are the customers feeling at each point and are you delivering?  Are they excited, inspired, nervous, relieved etc at any given point along their journey?
How well are your team and internal departments delivering consistency of your promise at each touchpoint?  Are there any internal silos causing a breakdown?
How much time is between each customer interaction and does this timeframe reflect positively or negatively on your rating?

Once you are happy with your customer journey map and its corresponding rating it is time to create and prioritise new strategies.  Ask yourself one simple question  – “where are my greatest opportunities for improvement in the eyes of the customer?”   With the answer to this question, brainstorm as a team, what to do next.

When analysing and strategising performance for each of the customer touchpoints be sure to keep in mind how you can measure success of any implemented changes.  Change for changes sake may be a waste of time.  The new strategies must be purposeful and measurable.

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by Rachael Seymour