Employee Profile: Tara Todd-Childley

Tara is a veteran of the travel game, with a wealth of practical experience varying from consulting to a business owner. She's been a bright spark of Cornerstone since 2015, honing her craft of probing and prodding to ensure she gets the most out of her clients. If you've been lucky enough to have Tara as a trainer or a presenter, you'll know doubt be the wiser for it. 

We took Tara aside and asked her a few quick questions. This is what we found out.

Name: Tara Todd-Chidley

Title / Position: Learning and Development Specialist

Year started at Cornerstone: 2015

Year’s working in the travel industry: 20+

Previous Professional Experience: Business Owner, Leadership and Professional Development Trainer, Travel Agency Manager, HR

Favourite Travel Destination: Paris with love!!

Describe your role at Cornerstone: 

Most of my time is spent developing and facilitating the ‘Leadership, Sales and Business Results Program’ and the ‘Continuous Improvement Program’. Both programs are extremely goal focused and full of light bulb moments, which are wonderful to be a part of.

What makes you a great teacher/ trainer?

Having a real world understanding of business issues, constraints, opportunities and best practices is critical. I’ve spent most of my career on the other side of the desk as a business owner, manager and employee, so I approach everything with a ‘real world’ mind-set. I challenge my trainees to move through obstacles, setbacks or change, whilst providing the safety and support that can only come from a person who’s been there before.

Why do you love the travel industry?

I left the industry for a few years and worked in the world of construction. After a while I realised I missed the fun, vibrant and exciting world of travel. I love the people, the industry and the fact that the world is so accessible to so many people. Travel is a big part of so many lives.

What’s your favourite travel / holiday memory?

Getting engaged on the beach in Koh Samui, Thailand was one of the highlights of my life. My husband popped the question and the restaurant on the beach next to us just happened to start a firework display. Very good timing!

What’s one piece of advice for people wanting to develop a career in the travel industry?

Don't let the fact you haven't been to every country deter you. If you know how to sell and are passionate about travel, you will be able to build a loyal client base and enjoy lasting success.

by Cornerstone People Solutions