About Us

Our Mission: “To bring inspiration and knowledge to travel and hospitality professionals worldwide.”

Rachael Seymour and Cassi Tormey are driven by a keen interest in educating and helping people develop to their full business potential. 

Both Rachael and Cassi are sought-after industry commentators and their experience, passion and dedication to the industry makes them an asset to your organization.

After many years gathering high-level travel experience, they came together in 2005 with an idea. They wanted to build expertise in the travel, tourism and hospitality industries. And so Cornerstone People Solutions was born.

Over the past decade, Cornerstone has grown to be a unique company dedicated to helping people be more and sell more.

The Cornerstone team features some of the best trainers in Australia and we offer a full range of services that build expertise in your organization.

Our expertise-building services include:

  • Skills Assessment
  • Workshops
  • Team Training
  • Nationally recognized qualifications
  • Coaching
  • Consulting
  • Marketing services

Our inside knowledge of your industry means that we offer flexibility and great service. Whether it’s team training, consulting or managing your training calendar, we are here to build expertise in your team.

The Cornerstone team has the proven industry experience, knowledge and passion, to make a positive and lasting impact on your travel business.  

Our passion is delivering great people solutions to support leaders and challenge team members. Striving to get the best out of yourself and your people is what it is all about!

Rachael Seymour